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March 31st 2003

Question from Lucia an Ask Sollog Fan

Hi Sollog,

“What is the most effective action that can be taken by the populations of the world who are trying to stop this war in Iraq?

Is this the third world war, and nothing can stop it?”

Answer from Sollog


The 911 attacks on the USA are considered in the future to be THE START OF WORLD WAR III

The INVASIONS of Afghanistan and Iraq by the United States are seen as TRIGGERS to unite the Muslim world against Western Civilization and particularly against Christianity.

No one can stop what has already occurred. Great prophets have seen this time throughout time. It is a horrific time. Billions will soon be dead from disease, warfare and violent earth changes.

The ONLY THING anyone can do is to stay away from the major targets. These are heavily populated areas around the world.

By 2020 if you do not live in the high mountains of Asia, Canada and South America you will most likely be dead!

The future of humanity is in the high mountains of Asia, Canada and South America.

There is no long-tern future in large modern cities


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