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September 19th 2002

Question from Dragon an Ask Sollog Fan

Hi Sollog,

Is the west nile virus outbreak in the united states terrorism?

Answer from Sollog


It is nice to see my fans were listening to my radio show the other day when I asked my listeners to ASK THIS QUESTION so I can consult my oracle.

My oracle says THE WEST NILE VIRUS is definitely TERRORISM and the group is Al-Qaeda.

This virus was brought into the United States and other parts of the world in the not too distant past.

It took a few years for the insect that carries this deadly virus to reach all of the states in the continental United States.

Each year it will multiply in the number of deaths it will claim.

Already the deaths are multiplying rapidly.

Next year will be an even bigger year for outbreaks.

Serious efforts will by made by the United States to control mosquitoes and a vaccine will be found to cure the disease.

Other insects and animals have been placed in the United States in the past that will also soon appear along with exotic diseases they carry.

It is very easy to upset the ecosystem mother earth has created. The importation of insects, plants and animals into an ecosystem can do much harm.

Snakes have taken over Islands where they were not meant to live.

Plants have taken over when introduced into foreign lands.

People have known this for years. Only now dark terrorists wish to harm people and the food supply in the west with such deeds.

Look for the cryptosporidium virus appearing in the water supply of both Chicago and Detroit.

There is now an agent that can be added to a water supply to activate this killer virus that lies dormant in most of the water supply of the west!


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