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July 14th 2002

Question from Michel a Sollog Forum User

Hi Sollog,

Is the recent rash of child kidnappings connected?

Answer from Sollog


Yes, all of the recent HEADLINE KIDNAPPINGS and MURDERS of innocent children are connected through various patterns.

The locations and even names are interconnected in a major way if you know how to look at these events.

Two recent kidnappings Elizabeth Smart and Samatha Runnion are connected to the Jon Benet Ramsey murder using simple Kabbalah. That is assigning a numerical value to the names.

Jon Benet Ramsey was a satanic sacrifice from the twisted mind of a SBTC - Saved By The Cross - Jesus Freak.

The first four letters of the last name is RAMS, the RAM was a sacrificial animal in ancient times.

RAMS is an anagram of MARS, the Kabbalah value of the letters RAMS or MARS is 541. This is the same value in Kabbalah of ISRAEL.

Mars is simple occult code for WAR. Mars is the GOD OF WAR and MAJOR WAR is what is coming soon to the USA and ISRAEL.

Elizabeth Smart is connected to the elders of the Mormon Church. The great Grandfather of this family was one of the 13 disciples of John Smith the founder of LDS.

The last name Smart has the first four identical letters as Ramsey spelled backwards. SMARt RAMSey.

These letters appear again in the Samantha Runnion kidnapping. SAM is a nickname for Samantha. SAM R (Last Name Initial of Runnion) is a simple anagram of MARS or RAMS.

So Ramsey, Smart and Sam R (Samantha Runnion) are interconnected by Kabbalah to the number 541 or ISRAEL.

I have warned since 1995 that ISRAEL will be the first area to suffer NUKE TERRORISM. These sacrifices are PROOF that is about to occur.

SAM is also an acronym of Surface Air Missile. That is how Saddam will attack ISRAEL when the USA attacks him. He will unleash SAM's with chemical weapons and NUKES on ISRAEL.

The killer of Samantha Runnion lived in EL SINore. EL is the Hebrew name of God. SINore is phonetically SINNER. THE SINNER is EL SINore. EL is also the first two letters in ELizabeth Smart.

The events are also connected to each other by connecting the locations on a map of the USA.

The symbols these locations form are simple geometric shapes that PROVE the events were not random; these events were CONTROLLED by another intelligence, that KNOWS THE FUTURE. So these innocents were CHOSEN to be sacrificed as a signal ISRAEL WILL SOON BE NUKED!


The locations of these events were chosen to connect to famous UFO sites of the recent past.

The US Government has been HIDING the fact they captured crashed UFO's several times in the past. The modern technology of today was reverse engineered over the years from various UFO crashes.

It is my belief that these UFO's were technology from the future and past on earth. Rather than being ALIEN, these amazing crafts were piloted by entities from both the past and future on earth.

If you want to believe in Aliens, then they were Aliens. However, this is not the truth. The crafts were from distant past and future inhabitants of earth.

If we use the famous Roswell site of the 1947 crash to start connecting recent kidnappings we see all the famous UFO sites being struck.

Before Roswell occurred in 1947 there were major UFO sightings in the USA. Several involved police sightings near Oregon City or the Portland Oregon area.

Two innocents have been killed in Oregon City, both lived in the same apartment complex called NEWELL. NEW EL. El is Hebrew for GOD.

In 1941 the first modern UFO event occurred. A spacecraft is said to have been retrieved by the Navy just off the coast of San Diego.

So we have three major headline kidnappings occurring this year all connected to famous UFO sites.

Two kidnappings in Oregon City and one in San Diego, that being Danielle Van Dam. The name of Danielle once again has the EL prominent in the name, just like the girls who lived in the NewELL apartment complex in Oregon City.

If we connect Oregon City to San Diego and Roswell we get a perfect 90o triangle. All three of these locations are equidistance to Salt Lake City. So we can see a mathematical pattern in that these areas were CHOSEN to give a SIGNAL.

Why would so many kidnappings take place connected in an equidistance pattern to Salt Lake City?

Salt Lake City is rumored to be the new AREA 51, the key location in the Governments UFO program!

Salt Lake City has also had many UFO cases. It is also the capital of the LDS or church of Mormons. Perhaps the angels of Joe Smith were connected to UFO's!

Van Dam the last name of the victim in San Diego is an interesting name. Dam is MAD backwards. MAD was the nuke plan of the USA for years. MAD = Mutually Assured Destruction.

So both the SAMatha runnion and danielle van DAM cases begin and end with pointers or signals to NUKES. SAM and MAD. Surface Air Missiles - Mutually Assured Destruction.

SAM and MAD is a close phonetic connection to SADDAM as well, we can spell SADAMM with the letters from SAM DAM, SADAMM is the phonetic spelling of SADDAM.

If we connect Oregon City to San Diego on a map of the USA, we have a straight line that runs parallel to the San Andreas fault line which will rupture in the very NEAR FUTURE.

The Samatha Runnion murder is also on this line. So that's four west coast kidnappings and killings of young girls on one straight line from San Diego to Oregon City.

Once we put the location of the Roswell UFO crash into the equation of these MURDERS and understand the historical importance of these kidnapping locations to UFO's, then we see THE TRUTH.

These events were MANIPULATED EVENTS.

The killers were most likely abducted by UFO's in the past, and they were programmed to do these acts.

Now, some will say how terrible, humans being programmed to kill by a higher intelligence.

Well, if the killings were CREATED EVENTS to bring attention TO THE TERRIBLE FUTURE, then perhaps it's necessary evil.

Imagine all the lives these killings could save if people REALIZED the events were not random acts of violence but a SIGN or SIGNAL to man.

Mankind you have a PROBLEM, SAMS are about to hit ISRAEL. Don't use your MAD plan to annihilate everyone.

Water and Fire were used in ancient rites to PURIFY the sacrifice before the offering is made.

Much of the USA has had historic fires and flooding. These are again SIGNS that many are meant to be SACRIFICED SOON!

If you see the TRUTH in my words, THEN LEAVE THE LARGE CITIES in the USA at once.

Earthquakes and acts of terrorism will soon destroy many in the USA.

The slaughter of these innocents was the SIGN!


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