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June 3rd 2002

Question from abhinav_j a Sollog Forum User

Hi Sollog,

I am from India and have read a lot bout You. Can you tell me what's going to happen between India and Pakistan. The current situation is very tense, it could well be a war and if started will it go nuclear?

You have predicted about US, Israel, Rome etc. (having nuclear terrorism), but what about South-Asia where the situation is very tense?

Also, once the nuclear age starts will any country survive like Greenland?

Answer from Sollog


The latest confrontation between Pakistan and India will not involve nuclear bombs.

There will be a nuclear war between Pakistan and India in the not too distant future, but it will occur after NUKE TERRORISM is unleashed upon the world.

The near future will see several acts of NUCLEAR TERRORISM.

The first area struck is Israel, then Rome and then Washington DC.

Nuclear Terrorism brings a global depression. Real Estate values become worthless in major urban areas as the public flees to remote areas. Urban dwellers have little wealth when they flee since real estate values in urban areas will be worthless. Stocks will be sold for pennies on the dollar of what they are now worth.

In this chaos, companies that can do business on-line survive. Old business ways that involve urban distribution will become obsolete over night. Overnight most will have their assets wiped out. Insurance companies will go bankrupt. Pension plans will be wiped out. Complete financial chaos follows the first acts of nuclear terrorism. As the US Government rebuilds, the US Military will run the country. A defacto military dictatorship will result, although the people of the United States will not call it one.

It is wise to now have all your assets in CASH (U.S. Dollars). Gold and Silver will have little value in the future.

The U.S. Dollar survives since it is backed by the strongest military in the world. Eventually trading will resume on Wall Street and major companies will be sold for pennies on the dollar.

Mass unemployment hits the world, and many only survive due to free food distribution programs set up by various governments.

Rents and mortgages are suspended for sometime, since banks will have to be overhauled due to the worthless nature of their assets (ie. Mortgages and Stocks).

Eventually debts like mortgages will be readjusted by Federal Law for pennies on the dollar. So if you stay in your home, you will have a new mortgage for a fraction of the current obligation. However, you will most likely not have a job to even pay that minor amount.

Utility companies are for the most part nationalized as will be medical care.

Cable companies and Internet companies flourish. Businesses that can adapt to having most of their people work at home over a network provided by cable and Internet companies can survive. However, their products will be sold at a fraction of the value they are sold at today.

Products that require large plants to produce that employ large amounts of people will have a major problem surviving.

A new financial system that merges the ideals of socialism and capitalism emerges from the ashes of the old financial system.

People who held executive and low-level positions in large companies will have to revert to simple jobs, of which many will be related to food growth and distribution.

Jobs that provide shelter, food and clothing become the major employment for most of the world.

A few companies that provide basics for the infrastructure of the Internet will become the largest companies in the new world. Commerce will become dependant on the Internet.

Full Scale Nuclear War will not result from these acts of Terrorism. However, many areas in the Middle East will be struck by the United States in retaliation. Iraq and Iran will see most of their cities destroyed as a result of this terrorism.

In the not too distant future a great nuclear war will occur between the United States and China. It starts over China’s invasion of Taiwan.

You must live in a SAFE ZONE to survive that war.

Most of the United States is contaminated by fallout. Although a few small areas can survive, they will be attacked over and over by roaming packs of the walking dead. They are the people left from the horror of nuclear war, who have been contaminated by fallout. These zombie-like people are scavengers that hunt other humans and their possessions.

The Safe Zones are the high mountains of Asia, Canada and South America.


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