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April 10th 2002

Question from Alir a Sollog Forum User


What do you think about the Israeli Government?

Are they also to be defined as EVIL or do you think they are taking the right steps by attacking Palestinian Area?

Answer from Sollog


To understand ISRAEL you merely have to understand Hebrew.


IS RA EL means literally I WANT EVIL GOD!

This is explained briefly in the Old Testament in the story of Jacobís ladder.

Jacob a known thief and liar, literally fights with God.

After an all night struggle, Jacob awakens after God gives him his new name, that being ISRAEL, to fight or struggle with God, is explained as itís meaning, yet it means literally I WANT EVIL GOD!

The Old Testament if full of stories how Israel always wanders from Gods Laws and as a result it is conquered and destroyed. Over and over this suffering has been unleashed upon The Chosen ones.

God Almighty stated in the Old Testament he creates both evil and good.

Western religions IGNORE this statement and say God does no evil.

God Almighty took absolute credit for all things in the Old Testament. So what is Good and what is Evil? If it is in reality all Gods will.

Is Israel Evil?

Israel is literally evil by the meaning of the three Hebrew words that make up the word Israel.

However, if God Almighty controls all things, then to judge anything as evil would be judging Gods Will as evil.

The only phrase that makes much sense in the New Testament is a warning to Judge not.

If one realizes all is Gods Will, then to judge anything in an evil/good parameter is in effect a judging of Gods Will.

Now one can argue God gave man ten commandments to judge by, so it would be okay to say Gods law states adultery or murder is evil.

Now to truly judge these terms, one needs to understand what adultery and murder is as God defined it in the Old Testament.

Western cultures consider a sexual activity outside a marriage for a man to be adultery. However, God defined Adultery differently. Men were allowed in the Old Testament multiple wives. They were allowed to play the field and bed woman with three restrictions.

Incest with daughters and relatives was not allowed.

Sex with any married woman other than your wife was adultery.

Sex with any single woman who was a virgin demanded you offer marriage.

Using these definitions, adultery is not what most in the west considers it today.

To call anything evil, one needs to use Gods Law to do so.

Now the Old Testament was not given to Jews. It was given to Hebrews. Jacob, who became Israel, was not a Jew, he was a Hebrew. Today you will not find one Jew in Israel who calls himself a Hebrew.

So, to summarize; is Israel evil?

The middle Hebrew word in Is RA el puts EVIL as the heart of the word. RA is evil in Hebrew.

If God named Jacob Isel instead of Israel, I would say of course Isel cannot be evil.

However, the name of Israel says it all.

It is EVIL and that is why God put EVIL in the heart of IsRAel.


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