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April 10th 2002

Question from Gypsy Garcia a Sollog Forum User

Dear Sollog,

My question pertains to our creator. I was born Catholic, in my teens explored religion deeply and in my mid years have dropped Christianity completely and have been on a lean toward Hinduism just for the fact it seems the only religion that is not really a religion, but a way to connect with all life and the creator without the rules that are imposed in all Christian religions.

With that, I would like this question answered. After all my studies and research it is clear to me we all were created by the same higher power. With Holy wars and killing performed in the name of religion and God, Do you, Sollog, believe we all come from the same God/Creator a higher force?

I believe a lot of people are misguided when it comes to religion and what to believe in these days. But I don't believe that terrorism is the way to settle this. Technology has become more important than humanity and it seems we all will pay for that. Thank you Sollog for your time. One question is just not enough.


Answer from Sollog


Your main question is, ďDo you, Sollog, believe we all come from the same God/Creator a higher force?Ē

My works THE CREATOR FORMULA ( ) and GOD OF QUAKES ( ) PROVE that ONE GOD created every religion.

As I explain in these books, there is now scientific PROOF that the earth was designed as the mathematical center of the Universe. I also PROVE in these works that two symbols in every major religionís creation mythos is the simple formula that proves this scientific fact. So you have many religious paths that I PROVED all have the same source.

Think of the various beliefs as fingers on Godís hand. Each finger moves independently of each other, however ONE FORCE moves each finger, the HAND OF GOD.

Sure God created each path to appear similar and yet different to each other. However, the hidden connection in all these paths is a simple scientific formula uniting all these paths. It is the PROOF of ONE GOD being behind every religious belief!

Yes, these paths have been the root cause of most of mans wars for millenniums. Such is Gods will. Man was created to do as God wills. No matter what path you chose to worship God within, that path leads to ONE GOD.

If it did not, then I would not have been able to find the scientific proof that the earth was designed as the mathematical center of the Universe and that all earthquake phenomena aligns to both Jerusalem and Mecca.

Finally we now have scientific PROOF that all religions are from the same GOD.

In the future, those that believe this ultimate truth will no be able to war with anyone. Old religions will be studied as temporal vehicles, that all somehow contained the ultimate truth which God willed me to reveal in my work mentioned above.

Those that seek to worship in religions with NO PROOF OF GOD for the time being, will continue to war with others since that is how they reaffirm their faith in their religion that canít offer any real PROOF of God. The insecurity of mans ego in having to be correct, creates the religious discrimination that manifests in wars.

Now that the intellect of man can logical see PROOF OF GOD through my work and that all faiths contain the hidden proof, well man can now move in a new direction, a direction where complete religious tolerance is practiced.

In the far/near future there will be no more ego wars of one belief trying to overwhelm another due to insecurity.

All religious paths are valid, all things were created, and all is good since all is within Gods will and control.


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