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April 10th 2002

Question from Rael a Sollog Forum User

Are the Serpent/Reptilian beings a reality, and if so, what is their agenda in relation to the world?

Answer from Sollog


As I have stated before, what most people consider UFO’s are no such thing. All things are known to a few, so there are no UNIDENTIFIED Flying Objects. Higher Intelligence does not need spacecraft to fly around the universe. It is a primitive mode of transportation.

Spacecraft’s thought by some to be UFO’s are all residents of earth, some from distant pasts who journeyed far away only to return to find earth changed and their races destroyed. Some are from a future where time does not exist, so they had to flee backwards in the illusion.

If someone encounters these beings, they may experience an illusion of a reptilian appearance, however, that is not the true nature of these beings. It is a mask or cloaking device to confuse humans, so they control the human with fear by appearing as a boogeyman/reptilian. Man is to these technologically superior beings a primate at best. Attempts have even been made to enslave mankind via control of the magnetic poles via the creation of pyramids to control magnetic fields on earth that effect the use of man’s brains.

The earth or Elana (her ancient name) is overseen by a group of beings/lords that interferes with such overt oppression of man. That is why some think outside the box, while many of the masses/slaves do what the so-called reptilians desire. The reptilians would like nothing better than to see mankind destroy each other, so they can once again take control of the earth. However, the overseers will not let this occur.

So what we have is a massive war in the heavens between the lords who oversee earth and past earth beings or reptilians trying to take back control of Elana.

There is a third part to this battle, that is the ultimate truth that permeates every iota of energy and material in all existence, that truth is one. So while higher intelligence seeks to obey one, the lower intelligence seeks to destroy one.

In this battle we have the ultimate clash of light/dark force or ying/yang, etc.

So we have humans for the most part acting in huge mind controlled manners trying to destroy each other, and completely oblivious to the mind control by forces like reptilians, and we also have overseers trying to exert their influence to allow man to not be controlled.

To sum it all up, we have Reptilians who once controlled the past of earth that left and came back and tried to conquer man via mind control and magnetic field manipulation via objects like the pyramids, and you have caretakers or overseers who need no space ships to influence man.

You have modern man a conquered race that is completely manipulated by past forces, and you have future earth beings fleeing into this dimension from a far future.

Oh, and then you have the true alien beings waiting to make contact with earth; who have not been able to break through the barricade put up by the caretakers. Such contact is prohibited when a speices such as man is so primitive. So for now we don’t have to worry about life forms created outside this solar system that are waiting in the wings. Some forms want to help man, some want to destroy man. But that’s another story.


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