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April 10th 2002

Question from Monorock a Sollog Forum User

What Major Cities in the United States will be damaged or destroyed by nukes or weapons of mass destruction.

Answer from Sollog


As I have stated since 1996, the first US city to be struck by an act of nuke terrorism is Washington DC.

I have also named several cities to be hit by ACTS OF GOD, earthquakes to hit Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia and Phoenix; Hurricanes to hit Miami, New Orleans and Corpus Christi; Water viruses to hit Detroit and Chicago.

Every major city in the United States is technically destroyed when one nuclear device hits Washington DC. The reason I say that is as follows, people in the cities finally realize, you canít live in any large urban areas any longer. So you have a mass exodus of the urban areas. From that minute on, the idea of a city is ancient history.

The United States will effectively be destroyed with just one minor portable nuclear device.

The acts of God Iíve mentioned will do the rest.

Some people will remain in cities, but they will become lawless zones. Eventually nuclear attacks upon some of these nearly abandoned urban zones will be targets when the remnants of the United States provokes an actual nuclear attack from a major nuclear power.

The United States as a super power does not exist in the future. The head of the snake will be cut off with one nuclear device in DC, and the remaining quality citizens of the United States relocate to rural areas and areas outside the United States.

No matter how much the US spends to protect itís citizens from weapons of mass destruction, they cannot.

So the immediate answer to your question is that one major target in the US destroys forever the American way. Just like the 911 attacks destroyed American Freedom of movement. Just like the Bush election by the Supreme Court as President destroyed the American Democracy.

These are the waning days of the United States. It will be destroyed. One act of nuclear terrorism is all it takes. After the nuclear act of terrorism destroys the Federal government, you have the equivalent of martial law, then a period of time when some still try to live and work in rural areas. However, global depression sets in, and most people become more concerned with finding food and shelter, than with living in a democracy. As more and more natural disasters occur in the United States and in other urban areas of the world, the survivors get the idea that urban living is not viable.


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