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April 10th 2002

Question from Cyber a Sollog Forum User

Hello Sollog,

With all this chaos man is creating on this planet and all the suffering that is to come from their/our actions and non-actions, could you give advice on how one can improve oneself spiritually?

How does one separate oneself from the body and know that he/she is a spirit and not just a body that dies and that ends it all.

Man today thinks mostly of himself as a body. A bunch of chemicals reacting to each other and whole bunch of molecules put together to form a body.

I am confused as to how a lost and chaotic people can follow any book of god to its full instructions. If man does not KNOW he is a spirit and has no method of KNOWING or finding out that he is a spirit, then I cant see man ever following GOD in the manner that GOD would like. Part of a religion IMHO should also have methods of making the insane, sane and the sane, saner. We live in an aberrant world. We need to clear the aberration to have a clear view of life.

So again I ask

How does one KNOW one is a spirit and how does one improve oneself to higher levels of spiritual KNOWLEDGE?

Thank You


Answer from Sollog


This is really several question, but I will answer the last one, “How does one KNOW one is a spirit and how does one improve oneself to higher levels of spiritual KNOWLEDGE?”

The simple answer to this is that God is Spirit; the Spirit is God and is one with God. Man’s corporal body is but a canister for God’s Spirit. God is in complete control, even though the ego of man or the veil of man might make one believe man has some type of control. True Judaism and Muslimism teaches God moves all things.

My scientific revelations are PROOF to man that God is real and that God controls all things. Did I not show how the earth is the mathematical center of the Universe in THE CREATOR FORMULA ?

Did I not show in GOD OF QUAKES how all earthquake phenomena is connected to both Jerusalem and Mecca ?

Once one breaks through the veil of ego and realizes GODS SPIRIT is inside him and he can only do Gods will, then one realizes that whatever path you think you choose in this illusion is the path God chose for you.

Now some say how can I say that? God does not make someone do evil.

But evil is but an illusion.

There is no evil since all is Gods will.

Did not God Almighty say to Isaiah, “I create all Good and I create all evil?”

Your ego struggles with submission to God.

ISRAEL means to struggle with God.

Mans existence in the illusion of Ego is a struggle with God.

It is Gods will for man to be veiled.

Did not Gods word say, “All was created for the amusement of One?”

It is not our chore to determine, “Why?”

Fortunately we live in an age when God has advanced man far enough scientifically to be able to understand through my scientific PROOFS of God, that God’s existence is no longer a question. God created all there is.

Once one has absolute FAITH that this is true through the reason and intellect God created you to use, you will either accept THE TRUTH or deny it.

If one denies it, such is Gods will to continue the veil of ego for that person.

If you truly believe God’s Spirit is in you, then look in the mirror and see the TRUTH, God lives within you and all living things.

Love all as one, and you will see through the illusion.

Did not Buddha say, “The destiny of mankind is the destiny of one person, since to change even one person manifests the change of the destiny of man!”

Think, if Hitler had become enlightened and changed his destiny, where would man be today?

Change begins with the man in the mirror.

Change one person and humanity will be changed.


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