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April 10th 2002

Question from Nibiruu a Sollog Forum User

Dear Sollog,

I was wondering what insight you could shed on the inbound Planet X (Nibiru) May 2003 event. Is this really going to happen or is it a propagated hoax?


Answer from Sollog


The so-called 10th Planet myth is based upon scientific fact from ancient cultures. However the planet was destroyed and is now what is considered the asteroid belt in this solar system.

The earth has recently been affected to a higher level in regards to debris from this planets remains than in years past.

Already shooting stars in the form of asteroids from this debris field are impacting the earthís atmosphere at higher levels than we have seen in recent centuries.

The earthís history is full of large-scale reporting of events about bright shooting stars and comets from this ancient planet that was destroyed millenniums ago. Much of the ancient myths about fire breathing dragons are incorporated into the legends surrounding this once planetary neighbor to earth.

Reports of asteroids hitting the earth will become much more common in the near future.

Great displays of shooting stars will also become much more common in the near future.

These great celestial wonders are almost all due to Nibiru.

Several close calls will soon involve near collisions of earth from comets that are part of the remains of Nibiru. However there will be no major impacts for about 20 years.

In the 2020ís there may be a minor/major impact with a comet that was once part of Nibiru, however, the final results of that event are not quite yet set in stone as they say.

Anyway, if a near major impact with Earth occurs it will be in the 2020ís.

If it does not, then we have millenniums before the next major comet collision is scheduled for a rendezvous with earth.

If enough of people upon the earth start to relearn how to exist upon the earth (Elana was her ancient name) then such a collision is not necessary to balance the earthís population. If whole scale nuclear war threatens the planet where most life forms are threatened, it is the proverbial ace up the sleeve of the keepers of this sphere. Such a comet collision can be used as a way to control the virus of humanity upon Elana, if the planet becomes environmentally doomed.

Contrary to what some doomsayers claim, there will be no dramatic warming of Elana in the near future. As soon as enough of the ice caps have melted, the warm water turbo that feeds the worlds oceans in creating the current weather patterns will temporarily stop, and a resulting ice-age effect will then occur over much of earth. The earth is due for a big cooling down rather than a heating up as the green house gas crowd claims.

The major loss of the polar caps feeds plenty of fresh water into the oceans and the result is that the turbo system of the ocean stops feeding the warm water currents around the world.

When this occurs, you have the reverse of a greenhouse effect; you will have a massive cooling of the earth.

Itís a well-designed eco-system built into the earth as a safety device to prevent so-called green house effects.

This cooling and warming trend has recently been found in ice core samples from artic regions. The earth is constantly adjusting its temperature. I believe a scientist even put forth this fresh water theory recently.

What is not built into the earth is a fail-safe device to correct the problems man has caused with nuclear waste and possible nuclear holocaust. If those terrible realities come to pass, then fragments of Nibiru can become part of mans destiny in the 2020ís. But not before then; only minor impacts and great light shows will be seen from Nibiru.


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