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April 10th 2002

Question from Cuss2002 a Sollog Forum User

Dear Sollog,

My question is what dates or timeframes do you see for future terrorist attacks on the USA? Any information is appreciated.

Answer from Sollog


Everyone in the United States is concerned now about Terrorism.

As my readers know, twice the FBI has investigated me for my clear warnings about future acts of terrorism that did occur. The first major act of terrorism that made the FBI investigate me was the Oklahoma City bombing. All of the lost FBI files about the psychic warning were about me.

The second major investigation the FBI has done on me was in regards to my clear warning for September Terrorism in New York City.

Since 911 occurred, the United States has existed in what will be historically called the Age of Terrorism. It is a short period of time before the modern world enters into the Age of Nuclear Terrorism.

Many already feel the fear of the Age of Nuclear Terrorism, since it has now become common knowledge that what I have warned of for years is reality. Terrorists have claimed to possess nuclear devices.

For over seven years, there have been about one hundred Russian portable nuclear devices missing from the former Soviet Union arsenal.

These nuclear devices have been sold to terrorists and also to other nations.

When the United States starts to attack other nations in itís War On Terrorism, these attacks will trigger the use of nuclear devices against several western targets. The first major target is Jerusalem, then Rome Italy and finally Washington DC.

Before that occurs you will see devastating acts of God strike US cities.

Super and Great Quakes are scheduled to start occurring at or near major US cities; devastating earthquakes strike all Los Angeles, New York City, Phoenix and Philadelphia.

Hurricanes will strike major cities in the United States, such as Miami, New Orleans and Corpus Christi.

Deadly water viruses will attack Chicago and Detroit.

Also, more acts of overt terrorism will occur in the United States as well.

Key dates are those with 113 or 103 in them.

Examples are 1/03, 1/13, 1/31, 3/01, 3/11, 11/3, 11/13, 11/30, etc.

Other examples are the 103rd day, the 113th day, the 301st day and the 311th day.

On these key dates major acts of terrorism, acts of God and major loss of lives can occur.

The US Government can reread my 902 Prophecy issued on 9/02/1997.

In that warning I gave an example of how 1111 would connect to the future terrorism in New York City in September.

I showed how 902 + 209 (its reverse) = 1111

Many have written about how 11 appeared all over the 911 tragedy.

It happened on the 11th

The Twin Towers looked like two ones or 11

Flight 11 was the first flight to hit the WTC

New York City has 11 characters

Afghanistan has 11 characters

George W Bush has 11 characters

There were only 111 days left in the year when 911 occurred

I gave that warning 4 years and 9 days from the event.

That was 1470 Days from the event; my birthday is the 14th day of the 7th month, or the difference from when I issued the warning, until it occurred.

The death count was just lowered to 2829 from 2830, where it has stood for months.

2829 + 9282 (its reverse) = 11111

Exactly the example I gave in my warning.

The dates and numbers above hold the answers to your question.

If you live within the Untied States you would be wise to either move outside the United States, or to a small rural area far from major nuclear targets.


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