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April 9th 2002

Question from Jay Jay a Sollog Forum User

Hello Sollog,

Many of us have been wondering who will destroy or nuke Israel,(palestinan terrorists,or other countries) so here it is...

Who will Nuke Israel?

Answer from Sollog

Greetings Jay Jay,

As my readers know, since 1995 I have been warning that we are on the precipice of the age of nuclear terrorism.

So the immediate answer to your question is that when a nuclear device is used against Israel it will be a major act of terrorism and the first use of a nuclear device outside a military use as done by the United States already on two past occasions.

For thousands of years many have feared that such complete destruction would come to Israel.

The prophet Isaiah warned that the faces of the women and children would melt as in an instant when Israel is destroyed.

This was a perfect description of a nuclear strike against Israel.

When this terrible day occurs, two other targets will also be struck.

The second target will be Rome in Italy.

The third target will be Washington DC.

The nuclear attack upon Israel will be the starting point of the AGE OF NUCLEAR TERRORISM.

I have given many signs over the years in my prophetic warnings.

Like Cassandra they have been ignored by most.

When the Age of Nuclear Terrorism begins, the remaining people of the world will then know what I foretold was truth.


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