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April 9th 2002

Shalom, and welcome to my ASK SOLLOG column.

I receive many emails from people all over the world asking for my advice on matters, and also for answers to big questions.

Unfortunately, there is not enough time in the day for me to personally answer all questions people email to me.

I was approached to do this new column and thought it was the perfect vehicle for me to use to try to answer publicly the many questions people have asked me over the years.

Thereby the time I devote to this column can help many people.

Some questions are asked to me over and over by many people, so you will find answers to many of your questions here. Since many people have the same important questions.

If you desire a personal answer to a question by me, then feel free to post it to my ASK SOLLOG FORUM on this site. It will be answered there.

Not every ASK SOLLOG Forum Question will be published here.

I will be adding a new question and answer 7 times a week here.

So check back often, and please ask me your question in my ASK SOLLOG FORUM!

If you want to ask me a private question you do not want to share with the world, or desire more answers to several questions, the feel free to order a consultation at the READING link below.


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